Tearsheet Time Capsule: Guest Informant -1989

Guest Informant publications were luxury full-color hardcover city guides published annually for rooms in upscale hotels across the country. I did work for the NYC and LA versions.

For both of these collages here I ventured into some hand retouching and painstaking replacing of images on the contact sheets themselves, in this pre-digital era. There’s quite the story associated with the skyline image. In an era before 9/11 it wasn’t that hard to get up onto rooftops to do some photography. I had secured permission for a rooftop with a perfect vista on Third Avenue in midtown NYC, along with a backup rooftop a few blocks away. I already had a few of my ‘daytime to nighttime’ transition collages under my belt so I confidently arrived at the scene, and proceeded to set up my special rig that I had devised over time to help make these composite panoramas.

In this case I was also using a telephoto lens. I didn’t really have a lot of equipment, but I guess the rig looked a little… unusual. Unbeknownst to me and perhaps to the building management was: then-president George Bush Sr. was scheduled to come up Third Avenue by motorcade into the area that very day. Out of nowhere, bursting thru the elevator bulkhead door, I found myself surrounded by 5 NYPD officers with guns drawn. “WTF are you doing here?!? What the hell is this thing?!?” I explained as quickly as I could exactly what I was doing and they stood down and explained to me that there were a couple of secret service sharpshooters on neighboring buildings both with a bead on me, in the off chance I was there to assassinate the president with my mystery rig. I was quickly escorted off the rooftop, no harm no foul, and zipped over to the backup location and somehow managed to get this version done. Not bad for plan B!


Published by

David McGlynn

David McGlynn is an artist living and working in New York City and Beverly, MA. Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, he received a BFA from SUNY Purchase in 1979.  Mr. McGlynn enjoys success as both a fine art photographer and as a professional commercial photographer. His specialty is photo collage, and he has been refining his unique style for the better part of three decades. He has shown his work at several group and solo shows, including the Alternative Museum, Queens Museum, Hudson River Museum, Luring Augustine Gallery, the Neuberger Museum and Broadway Windows. His work is included in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum, the Erie Art Museum, the New Britain Museum of American Art, the Forbes Gallery Collection, and various private collections. In addition, he has created large-scale works for permanent installation for a variety of clients, including Disney/ESPN Zone restaurants, Fox Network headquarters, and AT&T Corporate Headquarters.  His work has appeared in publications including WIRED, Newsweek, Time, Money, Forbes, Vibe, ESPN, New York Times, Traveler, Popular Science and Metropolitan Home. Corporate and advertising clients include Miller Brewing Company, ‘Absolut McGlynn’ for Absolut Vodka, Kodak Funsaver cameras, Compaq, American Express, Disney, Dime Bank, Polygram/Mercury Records, and the World Financial Center. Mr. McGlynn has received several awards including: American Photography Annual 7, 10, 11, 35; Society of Publication Designers Annual 18, 23, 27, 28 and 30; Graphis Poster and Graphis Digital. Portfolio spreads of his artwork have been published in: Life Magazine, Popular Photography, Idea (Japan), Photo Magazine (France), and Photo District News.