July 22, 2019

I know what you’re saying: Dave, where’s the new art? I guess I’m taking a break. Art making is sorta hard. Making time for making art is even harder. Justifying making art at all is nigh impossible. However, I have random lists of names for as-yet uncreated collages squirreled away. Looking at them now, I’m vaguely inspired to make some art to fit these names. Putting the cart before the horse? So sue me. Most of these probably wouldn’t actually get used anyway. And should anyone need further proof as to why artists should avoid writing and stick to the visual….
Centralia, Dub Gamelan, Polyp, Citadel, Rigmarole, Operating Room Laughter, Cargo Cult, Vaucanson’s Duck, Merlin’s Muse, Twinned It, Polly Vetzian, Simulacra, Swain, Memento Mori, Stuck in my Craw, Black Rock, Burn Pit, Akinetopsia, Persistence of Vision, Flicker Fusion, Campestral, Foregone, Out-Country, Angel 23, Moodboard, 10,000 Hours, Sacked Commons, Middling, Steady State, Mann Dragon, Musclebone, Clean Fill Wanted, Disambiguate or Else!