Pro Collage Info

The collages in this series represent the mainstay of my professional studio work from the 1990’s onward. They are photographed and assembled in different ways. The majority are photographic color print collages, from color negative film. Assembled and taped together, they range in size and complexity, from barely a dozen inches up to 8 feet in length. Some are composite contact prints. Others are fully digital, and some are a mix. A few of the later digital collages incorporate found and stock imagery. However the bulk of the work here was 100% in house – from the conceptualization and planning phase, to a fully executed photo shoot, in studio or on location, then a post-production of the collage, and final delivery of the product in printable form.

The work here includes a wide range of clients and usages, including editorial, advertising, corporate, stock photography, and self promotion. They have appeared in magazines, advertising campaigns, annual reports, posters, and installations.

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