Google Hack Info

Google Hack is a series of digital photo collages created using imagery found on the Google Earth software.  Each collage is composed of hundreds of screenshots of a particular location, assembled using Photoshop software, and then printed on fine art paper.

Like my earlier images, these are essentially panoramic collages. Exploring Google Earth is a natural next step for this kind of work. There is an endless array of locations, perspectives, and imagery available. Some of the collages have a tangible ‘sense of place’, while others veer into the abstract and surreal. Many of these collages exploit what I’ll call ‘glitch points’: the surprising non-representational digital no-mans land that lurks at the edges of the Google Earth software’s coverage abilities. Working in Photoshop allows full flexibility in manipulating and shaping these new images.

The images in this series are printed in editions of 10 to 25.

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