Collage 1990’s Info

These collages are a variety of enlargements and direct contact prints onto C-type color chromogenic paper, from black & white negatives. The print colors were created during the printing process. The choice to use monochromatic colors is about removing subjective color-photo imagery references, allowing me  more creative control.

In this series, I explore the manipulation of horizons, skylines, buildings, and other elements in the environment to forge new & unexpected viewpoints. Some images are like maps, others are like abstractly sculpted worlds. Most of the images follow their own eccentric logic. In the picture Guggenheim Museum, the viewer  might imagine themselves  hovering in the middle of the main atrium, looking out of a giant pair of fly’s eyes.

Most were produced in a similar way to the early collages: planned ahead, shot freehand, with filmstrips used as-shot from camera. The edges of the film are removed, and in some cases taped to glass, from which a contact print is made. In some case the negatives are assembled onto glass film carriers, from which enlargements are made, and in other cases the negatives are taped together to make one large composite negative, from which enlargements are made.

The images in this series are printed in editions of 10 to 25.

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